The $SPON Token

BEP-20. 100,000,000 IN SUPPLY.



The Ecosystem

Next Generation, Immutable and Decentralised.

The SPON ecosystem is a next-generation decentralised ecosystem of platforms that facilitate digital contracts and agreements between parties of interest.

Unique Features
  • Smart Contract Factory to generate immutable next-generation contracts between dealmakers (Sponsors and Sponsees on the Sponsee App). 
  • Blockchain enabled-constraints to regulate the agreements (Gigs) smoothly and efficiently.
  • Decentralised 2 party dispute resolution using a 5 jury protocol selected through attributes such as randomness and age from Sponsee Jury Pool (nodes) in the network.
  • Cross platform integration and accessibility via the $SPON token.
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant & asynchronous consensus mechanisms
Our Vision of the $SPON Ecosystem

To create a seamless network of digital contract platforms owned and operated by individuals with seamless cross platform integration and communication.

Communication Layer

The SPON token will be used as a layer of communication between the stakeholders of the ecosystem like the development team, community, end-users as well as 3rd party companies in the future.

The decentralised governance will be implemented by using SPON tokens. After deployment of SPON, its control would be handed over to the ecosystem once its established using a Multi-Sig wallet. Every $SPON token holder ( by staking some min tokens ) can pitch the idea, suggestion, new plan etc into the ecosystem. There will be a period of 7 days for example where there can be open discussion over community, devs, and all the stakeholders. During these 7 days there will be an open vote where the public can stake their tokens (with a minimum value) and then vote for that proposal or against it.

After 7 days, the results would be announced and changes will be made accordingly in the roadmap. After the vote, using Multi-Sig wallets (eg., 3 multi signers: Dev team, community and core team), the changes will be signed and stored into blockchain. However, we also plan to add veto power for emergencies to reject a decision that has been voted successfully but is harmful for the future of the ecosystem and this veto power can only be used by multi-sig holders.

What are $SPON Tokens used for?

Proof of Stake

The $SPON token will be vital in securing and validating transactions on the SPON ecosystem via Proof Of Stake (POS) as the main consensus algorithm used. Token holders are given the authority to verify and add transactions to the distributed ledger algorithmically based on proportions of tokens held. Token holders can take part in the protocol by pledging their tokens as part of the mining pool for a specified ownership duration.

Access to Ecosystem Services

$SPON token holders will be given access to the SPON ecosystem to build custom applications and platforms for public use or monetization, without the need for code. The use of the $SPON token for transactions made across platforms also means unrestricted access to all platforms hosted on the ecosystem for token holders.

Additionally, the $SPON token is the medium for cross platform integration via the use of APIs. This means that features (relevant to consensus) across platforms can be merged or shared with the platform owner’s consent, to foster a collaborative environment. This means that digital contracts across 2 or more platforms can be combined to create a complex agreement between parties. 

Dispute Resolution

$SPON token holders will be eligible for entry into the Sponsee Jury Pool as participant nodes. A 5 jury protocol will form the basis of the specialised consensus mechanism for validating and voting on the outcome of a dispute raised between 2 parties. A reward for disputes resolved successfully will be dispensed to each jury member in token allocation.

Getting $SPON Tokens

At the moment, we are having a pre-sale ongoing to provide individuals with an opportunity to own $SPON tokens before we list directly on the decentralised exchanges (Pancake Swap). The token price will be going for BUSD$0.18 per $SPON Token.

Current Token Price

Hard Cap at 19.5 million $SPON Tokens


Core Team
Private Sale
Liquidity Fund

The $SPON Roadmap

July 2021

  • Sponsee goes media dark - Internal app dev phase
  • Completion of both iOS and Android mobile app
  • Completion of smart contracts for milestone based verification system
  • Completion of secure admin interface for no-code management of Sponsee application
  • Inclusion of security features to secure application (JSON web tokens and APIs) 
  • Consultation with industry experts to fine tune Sponsee application with regards to server scalability and security
  • Contact social media influencers and small medium sized businesses in Singapore to lay the foundation for app launch as well as onboard early adopters
  • Wireframing and requirement gathering for a variety of platforms to populate the SPON ecosystem
  • Initiate community engagement and seek out community partners for pre-sale commencement in August
  • Team expansion → International marketing and business development team as well as new developers for ecosystem development (app dev, web dev and blockchain).
  • Legal and administrative restructuring

August 2021

  • Re-engage with Telegram and Discord communities
  • Internal mobile application stress testing
  • Listing to the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Singapore based Sponsee app launch (beta) - no smart contract integration for fault tolerance testing purposes 
  • Sponsee TAKE5 campaign in Singapore - Nationwide effort to support local businesses to coincide with Singapore’s Delayed National Day/Week
  • Pre-Sale
  • Ramping up of token outreach and marketing via community efforts and third party collaborations
  • Third party mediated AMA sessions for $SPON token and ecosystem released
  • AMA sessions hosted by Sponsee for community
  • Conceptualisation and Initial Development of 3 other platforms for the SPON ecosystem in progress
  • Outreach of $SPON token to non-english speaking regions (Sponsee China)

September 2021

  • Further development and integration of Jury Pool Consensus Mechanism on the SPON blockchain
  • Massive outreach programme to onboard small and medium sized enterprises around the world via an incentive based system
  • Testing of secondary web-apps to be hosted on the $SPON ecosystem
  • Development and testing of revenue generating features on the Sponsee App
  • Intended launch of Sponsee app with dual avenue transaction process (fiat & token)
  • 🌏 International Release of Sponsee App (beta)
  • Release of incentivizing opportunities to community for long term token holding - token locking and Proof Of Stake mediated
  • Liquidity Pool locking updates and DeFi based benefits (yield curves) to long term holders
  • Announcement of 3 other projects on the SPON ecosystem to be launched within the year

October 2021

  • Inclusion of revenue generating features on the Sponsee App
  • Intended token listing scheduled for late September but dependent on token migration and ecosystem related plans
  • Launch of secondary platforms with full smart contract integration
  • Collaboration with large sized influencers
  • Token migration to the SPON blockchain planned Oct'-Dec' 21
  • Many more exciting things to come 🚀