Sponsee Team
Oct 18, 2021 5:23 PM

To support local businesses during these challenging Covid-19 times, Sponsee has launched the TAKE5 campaign to shine a light on fellow businesses. 

From 1st October 2021 to 1st November 2021, give a shoutout to any local business on Instagram and be rewarded with $5 from Sponsee. There’s no limit to how much you can get; so the more you post about your favourite local brands, the more $5 rewards you can unlock!  

“We hope to support local businesses with this community-driven influencer campaign during these difficult times. What Sponsee does is provide smaller businesses with the opportunity to connect with digital creators at no additional fees. At present, the major influencer marketing platforms are agencies that assign contracted influencers to give shoutouts to clients. With Sponsee, SMEs can easily collaborate with micro-influencers and tap on to the power of social media marketing.” said Joel Lo, co-founder and CEO of Sponsee. 

Digital creators like Tricia Lee (38.8k), Jia Yi (37.6k), Jemi (36.5k) have taken to Instagram to share about their favourite local businesses. 

Jemi giving a shoutout for her favourite clothing brand Carrislabelle 

To date, a range of businesses has been featured, from clothing brands like The Tinsel Rack and ShopLovet to F&B stalls like OCD Cafe. 

Here’s how you can take part: 

Download the Sponsee app and join the TAKE5 gig to #supportlocal today.

Available on both iOS[https://apple.co/39NCFf9] and Android [https://bit.ly/3zSvtJp]