Sponsee Team
Oct 18, 2021 5:23 PM

Head up, Sponsee fans, introducing the "Sponsee App Shill! Shill! Shill! Competition"!

It is time to unleash your shill beast and bring Sponsee to the spotlight of social media. Although you do not need to complete all the tasks, we are giving you the chance to hit it everywhere: Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube and leave no stone unturned, for Sponsee is the future of the influencer business and our name will resonate from the depths of every upcoming influencer trying to make it in the digital world to the big names that will leave you absolutely starstruck! 

For each completed task you will earn entries, and the more entries the greater are your chances to win one of the prizes. For those who have already downloaded the App, one of the final tasks is providing comments on the App, these will be highly appreciated and used in the future for improvements on our App which is the heart of Sponsee.

We also added a referral option, so you can bring more friends for better odds!

The prizes are as follows:

- 0.5 BNB - Participant with most Comments + Retweets + Likes on a #SponseeShill Hashtag Tweet

- 0.5 BNB - Participant with the most Likes + Comments on a #SponseeShill Instagram Post

- 0.2 BNB distributed among all participants, according to their number of entries (5 prizes)

In case of any queries, hit our friendly mods in Telegram, they’ll be glad to help.

Go forth Sponsee and Shill It On!