Sponsee Team
Oct 18, 2021 5:23 PM

To all token holders, we are happy to announce that the JURY™ testnet is live on our website now! This will only be available for the next 7 days!

Participate now to earn rewards (1:1 OSPON conversion to $SPON via airdrop once the event closes). 

What is JURY™  ?

The JURY™ Protocol is a proprietary blockchain protocol that governs dispute resolution on all platforms in the $SPON ecosystem. This means that token holders get to vote and decide on the outcomes of disputes on platforms. Our system also integrates proprietary smart contracts that train the protocol to perform classification tasks for dispute resolution outcomes. These smart contracts leverage Natural Language Processing and Supervised Learning.  Eventually, the JURY™ Protocol will be a self-sufficient system that provides dispute outcomes with a high degree of similarity to a human voter pool.

How can token holders be involved? 

At this stage, we have just made the testnet live. Feel free to navigate via the button located on our website menu.

Step 1: 

You will first need to express your interest via the poll in our Telegram Community. Some testnet tokens (OSPON) will then be sent to your metamask wallet. To participate, simply follow the instructions and get onto the JURY™ Participation Web App. 

Step 2: 

Once you connect your metamask wallet, feel free to commit OSPON tokens to the JURY™ pool. This is all on the testnet, so the purpose is to trial the system before we roll it out officially.

Step 3: 

Once you are done, click “Commit” to complete the task. Your reward (100 $SPON) will be sent to you shortly. 

Please take note that the purpose of this trial is focused on the token commitment to the JURY™ pool and our metamask wallet connection, not the voting mechanism. Feel free to leave us any feedback on the JURY™ participation process in our Telegram Community. 

How to participate & get rewarded for testing JURY Protocol on BSC TestNet

Start by voting “YES” on the pinned message in Sponsee Community telegram.

Open Metamask on Google Chrome Extension and open the wallet.
( Make sure you have the account chosen that currently hold $SPON )

Click on” Main Ethereum Network “ And scroll down to Custom RPC

Enter in the BSC testnet details as follows:

Network Name: BSC Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Then press “Save”

Now click on “ Import Token” :

Paste the following contract address : 0x877d2a451f5b82b9a5fb49185df0616c7ac7018d

Press Add Custom Token and choose Import Token.

You will now see the OSPON token inside Metamask wallet.

Now wait for the OSPON token to be airdropped and then connect this metamask wallet to JURY protocol on Sponsee website when available.