Participate in JURY™ (Testnet)

Disclaimer: You will need test tokens to participate. Please express your interest on the Telegram Community.
You will be airdropped test tokens accordingly. Your test tokens will be converted to $SPON (1:1) after this event as a reward for participation

Benefits of depositing your tokens: 

As an invested token holder, you will get to actively participate in the governance and utility of the $SPON token. This means that you’ll play a role in the following: 
1. Dispute resolution
Token holders get to vote on the outcome of disputes between users on the Sponsee platform. In addition, you can also take part in the training process of our JURY™ Protocol. You will get to vote on hypothetical disputes and be remunerated in additional $SPON during the process.
2. Company direction
We also encourage token holders to voice your suggestions. Through a medium of debates, suggestion boxes and community-led voting events, token holders can contribute to potential collaborations, roadmap events and feature releases.

Introducing the
JURY™ Protocol

The JURY™ Protocol is a proprietary blockchain protocol that governs dispute resolution on all platforms on the $SPON ecosystem. This means that Token holders get to vote and decide on the outcomes of disputes on platforms. Our system also integrates proprietary smart contracts that train the protocol to perform classification tasks for dispute resolution outcomes. These smart contracts leverage Natural Language Processing and Supervised Learning.  Eventually, the JURY™ Protocol will be a self-sufficient system that provides dispute outcomes with a high degree of similarity to a human voter pool.