July 2021

  • ✅ Completion of smart contracts for milestone based verification system
  • ✅ Completion of secure admin interface for no-code management of Sponsee application using Heroku & MERN stack
  • ✅ Inclusion of security features to secure application (JSON web tokens and APIs)
  • ✅ Consultation with industry experts to fine tune Sponsee application with regards to server scalability and security
  • ✅ Contact social media influencers and small medium sized businesses in Singapore to lay the foundation for app launch as well as onboard early adopters
  • ✅ Legal and administrative restructuring
  • ✅ Phase 0 development of Shilly - Wireframing and requirement gathering

August 2021

  • ✅ Internal mobile application stress testing
  • ✅ Third party mediated AMA sessions for $SPON token and ecosystem releasedAMA sessions hosted by Sponsee for community
  • ✅ Completion of Sponsee Mobile App (iOS & Android) and submission to App Store and Play Store
  • ✅ Phase 1 development of Shilly - Login, Security, Backend, Database

September 2021

  • ✅ Approval by App Store and Play Store for App Listing
  • ✅ Token Migration work - smart contracts
  • ✅ Governance module in development
  • ✅ Team expansion - Transition to a full senior developer sprint team
  • ✅ Website revamp - Split between App and Token sites
  • ✅ Early adopters onboarding programme
  • ✅ Telegram outreach via reddit
  • ✅ App leak to community
  • ✅ Phase 1.5 development of Shilly - Code Refactoring & Docker Integration

October 2021

  • ✅ Full marketing campaign for app launch in Singapore (IG & Tik Tok)
  • ✅ Youtube collaborations with macro level crypto influencers and mainstream content creators
  • ✅ Sponsee App feature updates to improve scalability
  • ✅ Sponsee Token Migration and Vesting options available to token holders

November 2021

  • ✅ Pre Launch Marketing activities (Coinsniper/Reddit/Telegram/Twitter/Youtube/TikTok)

    ✅ DEX launch of $SPON

    ✅ Coinmarket Cap listing

    ✅ Coingecko listing

    ✅ Coinbase price listing

    ✅ Shilly Development Phase 2

    ✅ Corporate Restructuring Phase 1


Ecosystem Features


A central tenet of the $SPON ecosystem is the involvement of the community (token holders) to participate actively in the utility of the $SPON token. 

Governance plays an important role in the following: 
1. Dispute resolution
Token holders are given the opportunity to vote on the outcome of disputes between users on the Sponsee platform. Additionally, the training of the JURY™ Protocol also requires token holder input for hypothetical situations for its training data sets. Token holders which obtain the correct outcome for the purpose of JURY™ ‘s supervised training algorithm will be remunerated in additional $SPON for the work done.

2. Company direction
Being an advocate of decentralisation, we also encourage token holders to participate in the decision making process behind certain company related issues . Through the medium of debates, suggestion boxes and community-led voting events, token holders can decide on potential collaborations, roadmap events and feature releases.

JURY™ Protocol

The platforms on the $SPON ecosystem are given access to a proprietary blockchain protocol that governs dispute resolution. This protocol is known as the JURY™ Protocol. 

By assigning token holders as individual nodes on the blockchain, work is done through the votes from each node to decide on the outcomes of every dispute resolution process. 

Additionally, the JURY™ Protocol is also deployed with proprietary smart contracts that train the protocol to perform classification tasks for dispute resolution outcomes. These smart contracts leverage Natural Language Processing and Supervised Learning to accomplish the above. The end goal of the JURY™ Protocol is to be a self-sufficient system that provides dispute outcomes with a high degree of similarity to a human voter pool.